Friday, 8 February 2013

Landscape, Silk Screen, Life Drawing, Salon...

The landscape of the lowlands,
all its resources managed and harnessed to production,
tends to disorder; invasive wildness
pushing out through each fault-line in its planned environment.
The glint of sunlight on a Pheasant's exotic breast.
Embodiment: my body measuring itself against the terrain.
How far is comfortable? Press on.
Will I find a Starling on this walk?
Rehearsing all the birds I expect to find. 
Seeking them out
in all their ragged quarters,
knowing all the places they would go.

Why do I want to draw this? 
Why do I select this 'scene', this clump of trees, 
and not that one?
How much am I pre-conditioned to select the 'picturesque', responding to it at an emotional level?

It has been a full week (so far): made my first (solo) silk screen print for 32 years. A tiny detail of my Basingstoke-Winchester train journey drawing, enlarged and bitmapped in photoshop, exposed onto a screen. Made an edition of 7 A2 prints.

I have worked with the Student Union to arrange Life Drawing sessions on Tuesday evenings. This Tuesday saw 22 people attend the first session. I hope it was useful for people. Here's my effort from a 40 minute pose.

Thursday. Print Salon. All hands on deck for the printmaking pathway to spend a day creating a showcase event for the rest of the art school to come to. Great evening. Dress code: 100% patterned garments. I set up a display of 6 of the silk screen prints (as above) and a photocopy-litho homage to Winnall Moors. (about which I'll write separately). 


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