Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Fifteen-day Process

a) one drawing each day for 15 days - any time, any subject
b) drawing on any 'found' paper - not sketch book
c) text to be added to the drawing selected by the following process:
-  from random.org generate one digit between 1-9
-  from random.org generate one digit between 1-32
-  use the two digits to identify a book; the first to identify the bookshelf, from living room book shelves (numbered 1-9), the second to identify the book, counting left to right
-  within the book, use the date to select a line - e.g the twenty fifth line of the tenth page (or where there is none, the twenty fifth line if the tenth chapter, or where there is none the tenth line of the twenty fifth page etc)
- use the whole line of text, or a phrase from it as the title of the drawing.

Fifteen-day Process
Put itself at the distance from it
In order to observe it (to no real purpose).
From the long tradition, you have to write a little,
Assuming the average format, seek to escape.

Strangers’ leaves arriving on the lawn,
Unquestionably one of the most perplexing aspects,
The evidence of his senses,
Because contexts are so different.

And when the man began to murmur,
It is possible to estimate the number
of singing males.
He had known, to use his words,
a peck of trouble,
The downside of introducing LVT in stages,
Sustained by Atlantic world slavery.

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